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The Dwarfs and The Giant

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The Dwarfs and The Giant, in this engaging moral based tale, written by Michael Young and illustrated by Richard Svennson, fantasy creator in the Elfwood Gallery, teach the value of acceptance of others, tolerance and working together!
The dwarfs just want to enjoy a simple life. But when they’re visited by a very tall stranger, their world is turned upside down. Things just aren’t the same in their busy little town. The dwarfs must come together to find a solution to this big problem.

What can the dwarfs possibly do to solve their problem and get them back to doing what they do best?

Kids will be imagining their own humorous events with the dwarfs and the giant. They’ll learn a valuable lesson that will last them a lifetime. The Dwarfs and the Giant is a journey into the formation of values, respect and tolerance for both children and adults alike.

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