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If Only!

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Hi There! Perry Williams here! Every week, my Dad, younger sister and I would go ice skating at the local rink, and, because we went there every week, we met some characters I can tell you, and never a session went by without some sort of personal disaster befalling me! As so many funny (to other people, not me!) things happened, I thought it would be fun to tell you all about those 'fun' times! (Sense the tone!) But, I'm far too busy to bother about all that! So, I gave my very sketchy notes to Liilan and her friend
to translate, in any way that they wanted to! And they did quite a good job! But...there was a catch! As Lilian, well, technically wrote it,she insisted on taking author's credit for her,ahem, 'trouble', as she put it! Typical writer, eh? Taking the credit for MY hard work! Hold up, I don't think I actually did any! Ah well, I'll be off then...

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