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My Neighbor, the Spy, Book 1 in the Max Williams Adventure Series

263 pages3 hours


Max Williams wants to work for the CIA when he grows up. This summer he has plans to make a big impression on his future employer - he plans to catch an enemy spy. Max believes his 70 year old neighbor, Mrs. W, is a spy, and his plans to get the evidence he needs to prove it include taking aikido training from her in her back yard with his team of spies-in-training. But, Max doesn't count on liking Mrs. W and aikido so much. When it comes time to turn her over to the CIA, Max faces a struggle of conscience. Kids of all ages enjoy this fast-paced, funny adventure that includes bullies, martial arts, sushi, pranks, and best of all Max - a kid with a unique way of getting into and out of trouble.

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