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My Very Large Book of Erotica

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I really am certifiable, I've compiled every single erotic word I've ever written into one extremely large book, MY VERY LARGE BOOK OF EROTICA. With close to ONE MILLION words and more than 1,800 pages, with all my 34 books plus 2 short sexy stories included. This book will satisfy your every need for erotic stories and will keep you UP all night for weeks to cum. Exhibitionism, cuckolding, sexy married couples, sexy single girls, older women with young and older men, young women with older men, larger ladies having sexy fun, this book has the lot. It is explicit with language to match so be warned. You can put away the Viagra; I promise you won't need it. Save mucho dinero purchasing this book against buying them all individually. But most of all please enjoy the sexiest stories, about the sexiest people you are every likely to meet between the pages of any erotic novel.

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