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Cupcakes and Candlesticks

235 pages3 hours


Maddy is shocked when husband Rob announces he’s leaving. Why? She’d always thought they were a normal happy family. What about their four teenagers, studying hard and playing hard? Shock turns to anger and she’s determined to show that she’s capable of going it alone. She and the children move to a rambling farmhouse in the country where she weighs up various possibilities, from opening a restaurant to running a couple of gîtes. There are lots of things she could do. Who needs a man? But why does she feel such an exquisite frisson every time she meets local landowner, Guy Deverill? Fate conspires to throw every obstacle in her path from planning laws to sick children but she won’t give up. All the while Guy is there in the background, offering support when she needs it. Everything starts to work out when Rob phones from Canada, full of apologies, wanting to move back. What should she do?

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