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Bad Boys' Box Set

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The following books in the Bad Boys’ Box Set are for individuals 18 and over.

Bad Boys

Page Morgan has been running away from Bad Boys since high school. She thought that it was safer to date the geek, the nerd, until she crossed paths with Nicholas Landon, tall, disarming smile, blue eyes, and when he leaned in to whisper in her ear, it was a prelude to what came next. One night with him, and Page knew she wanted the most desirable Bad Boy there ever was.

One Is Never Enough

When Chase discovers his fiancé is cheating on him, he turns to his friend Ian who takes him out after work to the nearest bar for a celebration, where he meets two willing and beautiful women who does everything together.

The Billionaire and the Brat (Part 1)

All characters are over 18.

When Rylee doesn’t have the money to pay for a full price ticket from New York to San Francisco, she devises a plan to get a cheap ticket. She discovers she’s seated next to the most gorgeous man who has ever crossed her path in her twenty-two years, but she has limitations on how far she can go with Ryan Chase, because she isn’t whom she’s pretending to be.

When Ryan Chase’s jet is in for service, he has to travel commercial, and he is seated next to a spoiled, smart mouth, young woman whom he thinks is younger than what she really is. He sees her as just a Brat, who asks too many personal questions throughout the five hour flight from New York to San Francisco. All he wants to do is get some work done, and maybe have a quiet flight, without the annoyance of a talkative ill- mannered child.

The Billionaire and the Brat Part 2

All characters are 18 and over.

Ryan is left confused by Rylee’s hasty departure and he can’t get the girl out of his mind. She touched something deep inside of him and he won’t let go of her. His lingering thoughts of Rylee are unsettling and weird. It is something about her that calls into question his attraction to matured women.

Billionaire and the Brat Part 3

Amelia a.k.a. Rylee wants nothing more than to confess to the man she has fallen for, but he appears to be intrigued and obsessed with her alter-ego Rylee.

After Ryan learns the truth about Amelia and Rylee he wants to teach Amelia a lesson that she should tell the truth, otherwise, he will punish her hard and without protection.

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