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Ascension: Return of the Gods (Volume 2)

335 pages5 hours


Eternal life with her husband.

That’s all Crystal wants. Having survived the epic battle between her husband, the God of War, and his ex-wife, the Goddess of Love, Crystal sets her sights on achieving the impossible: she wants to be a goddess.

En route to accomplishing the impossible, Crystal receives assistance from some unlikely teachers, including Thor, Hephaestus, and even Apollo, her husband’s most acerbic rival. Through it all, Gaia, the mother goddess, serves as Crystal’s primary guide while treating the quest as her own grand source of amusement.

What Readers say:
"Awesome, Another superb write by the King. A truly engulfing story. Cannot wait to start the next book. Just hope it is as grasping as 1st two."

"I found this story a great read. I like the storyline, which is unique. Also the character development was well played and wasn't, either nonexistent or overdone. I found myself rooting for Crystal as she faced many daunting tasks to obtain her goals. I highly recommend this book!!"

"I really loved this story...actually they are all great. Very nice read. I've read the series twice now and been engaged all the way through."

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