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What Others Tell You: A Short Story

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The Second Angie, Front and Center Story:

The reason why Angie's spa is so successful is simple: she keeps a database where she tracks every juicy detail of her clients' lives (in order to serve them better, of course, she's not a busy body). So when she realizes one of her customers is her new half-sister-in-law Giada, she also discovers Giada is hiding a secret about her past from Angie's family. Although not sure what to do with the information, Angie is sure she wants to know why Giada is lying. Giada's attempts to spend more time with Angie only increases Angie's curiosity. Her sudden friendliness just seems too coincidental and suspicious. What does Giada want from her? Of course getting to the bottom of Giada's mysterious past would be easier if she wasn't behind at work and if she wasn't mentoring an an accident-prone, left-at-the-altar bride with no job skills.

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