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Fantasy Tales: Four Short Stories by Elle A. Rose

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Frozen- Enter the future with Verick Cedar, a 16 year old boy who will be “Trick or Treating” for the first time. The world as we know it has come to the end, with the invasion of The Xecerptavode, an alien race that infused the land, drained all the fresh water, and forced the humans to live in destitute conditions. Join Verick on what could be his first and last All Hallows Eve.

A Grim Tale- Over eight centuries the burden of reaping the dead has become routine for Cyrene. Tonight, the grim reaper sheds a little light into the world of the undead. As she goes about her normal collection, find out what the history books aren’t telling you.

The Rabbit Hole-Trick or Treating and costume parties are for the weak-hearted. At least Cam and Matt think so. Enduring a haunted house on Halloween should be a walk in the park. Perhaps they should think again. As the boys trudge deeper into The Rabbit Hole, they realize this may not be the excitement they bargained for.
Come and become a part of the main attraction. You’ll never leave.

Isle of Toothsome-Halloween may be canceled, but that doesn't keep Frankie and his kid sister, Delilah, from heading on the adventure of a lifetime. The siblings are in for a long, dark, scary night, alone, with no power in the wake of a catastrophic storm. Or so they thought. When a mysterious glowing light beckons them to a new land made of sweets, they question if they'll ever find their way home.

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