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Adventure with T-Rex (Jurassic world illustrator book for kids)

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Adventure with T-Rex (Jurassic World - Book for Kids)
Are you looking for a kid's or children's book that is entertaining and is a perfect with bedtime stories and more? This children's dinosaur book has it all!
If you like stories by Jon Klassen, Dr Seuss and P D Eastman then you will love this beautiful dinosaur story by Mark Sawyer in his children's story.Story about 2 kids, Tim and jane adventure with dinosaur.
Here's a sample text from this book
John and his friend Lily were out playing near their home when they heard a loud thump. "What was that?" said John "I don't know, lets go check it out," said Lily. The two kids walked in the direction of the noise. After walking for a while the kids saw huge footprints."Wow," 2 kids ran after the trail of footprints. As the kids ran the thumping got louder.

The kids looked up and discovered they had been following a T-Rex.
The story has many fun story that all parents will love.
- 18 beautiful illustrations with colouring scenes.
- For children aged 3-5
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