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Scar: Where are our Children (A Serial Novel) Episode 7 of 9

111 pages1 hour


The apocalypse starts here—starts now.
With all sides unable and unwilling to back away from the brink, open hostility has begun in earnest on the streets of Atlanta and in communities across the country. Order has broken down. People have grown desperate. And lawlessness reigns supreme.
And yet, the worse is still to come.
Xavier Prince is dead and his father’s vison for tolerance and harmony between the two prominent races in this country is in flames. Both Pandora and her rivals are taking heavy losses in resources and manpower. Yet, the Circle—the surviving governing body of a House in Chains has plotted all along not to go down quietly.
The authorized use of Scar has been authenticated.
And the world will watch in horror and disbelief as an unparalleled chapter of carnage never witnessed on America soil is unleashed.

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