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A Death in the Hills

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In the action-filled mystery A Death in the Hills, George Bosco has it good: a pension from the NYPD, a ranch nestled in the Black Hills, the perfect teaching position and the woman he has loved for as long as he can remember. And he’s healthy - until he runs into Borden Cantrell, the Bully of Quickwater.

Bosco is ambushed and left for dead but he survives only to deputized to arrest Cantrell. The two meet at high noon on a hot summer day. Things get pear-shaped during that confrontation: Cantrell is killed by one of the many people he has terrorized over the years, and Bosco now has to identify and arrest the killer. But no one is talking. The new deputy must overcome a conspiracy of silence.

Bosco’s investigation uncovers secrets and intrigues in the lands of the Lakota, from the gaming industry in Deadwood to ‘Greenie’ activists to the private affairs of ranchers and townspeople of the Hills. It all comes crashing to an end during a dramatic denouement in an animal sanctuary.

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