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The Teddy Bear Stories: A Collection

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The Teddy Bear Stories Collection 1 is a group of 7 short stories about those adorable stuffed animals that are with every small child. The love they feel from their little cuddlers has brought them alive and they act to defend their little charges from the Night Terrors. Fears that have been with mankind since the beginning of time slowly brought to life and now hide in Underbed

What do they want? Who knows!

The Teddy Bear Guardians are all that stand between the children and the Night Terrors that hide beneath the bed.

Follow “Commando Bear The Fearless” as she prepares to deal with the Terrors on its own turf.

See “Teddy Bear Goes To Sick Kids” as his cuddler is threatened by illness and the fears that lurk in every hospital.

“Lone Bear” is the story of a single Guardian holding out against all hope as there is no hope, just love.

“My Little One Almost Grew Up” what do you do when the child you gave your all for does not need you?

“The Night Terrors” who are they and what do they want?

“Robot Bear, Destroyer Of Evil” what do you do if you can’t be a Guardian?

“World War Bear” The Guardians have established a line of defence in Underbed to hold the Night Terrors away from the children they guard. Can they hold given the fears of a modern world?

There are also three teasers from the next short story collection:

“The Little Boy Who Should Not Have”


“Bears And Squirrels”

25% of the author’s proceeds on this will be donated to Fanconi Canada, the Canadian Fanconi Anemia Research Fund is a charity funding research into an effective treatment and hopefully one day a cure. They also serve as a support network for Canadian families. In the month of August 100% of the author’s proceeds on this collection will be donated.

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