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Nox-Cruor: A Paranormal Tale of Magic and Sacrifice

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All things in life require sacrifice, nothing more so than magic. What are you willing to give up to save the person you love?

Being the last of a line of theurgists, Nikolas Jasper broke up with his girlfriend in order to protect her. There was a bogeyman that stalked his bloodline, and it killed not only his parents, but those of his sister-figure as well when they tried to stop it. However, it was meaningless in the end.

The Schwarzert came back after only a year and poisoned her with blood containing the essence of an ancient race of vampires. The only hope of saving her before it steals her humanity away is to find a cure within the Amaranth Vault, a place filled with magical artifacts taken from the world over. The only catch is that the location died with Lorene's father, and the Schwarzert is still coming after him.

Why is the Schwarzert after him so soon? Can they find a cure while dealing with it? Or will Nikolas lose someone else he cares dearly about?

One thing is certain--sacrifices will be made, and what is lost will never be regained.

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