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Daring Dooz: Sex, Violence & Useful Household Cleaning Tips

368 pages5 hours


Second novel in the Implosion Trilogy.

Mrs Hathaway, Mick & Jim's svelte, hyper-fit, 60-year-old office cleaning lady does martial arts and extreme sports courses via video and online. Daring Dooz is a global magazine, run by wimp, Giles Montagu-Scott (formerly Cyril Tweedy). The magazine features the totally fictitious adventures of scantily-clad women. But Mrs Hathaway is the real thing. She becomes world-famous because of the spectacular way she disarmed a bank robber in London.

This leads to her being tracked down by Giles who sees her as a way of giving his magazine some legitimacy, at last. She meets with Giles at the Shard in London, initially thinking he wants to talk about an £8 an hour cleaning contract. But he offers her £2 million to take on a series of challenges around the world. Mick and Jim are coerced into filming, and sharing, her unbelievably dangerous exploits.

Love interest is provided by Aubrey Capability Brown - gofer for the ruthless, international crime boss, Charley Sumkins. Aubrey is basically a pig-ignorant, self-obsessed, devious, regularly-beaten-up, little rat. But there is a spark.

Mrs Hathaway knows Charley Sumkins' big secret and uses it to get him to call off his enforcers, Vlad and Vic. She has information that will be released if Aubrey or Mrs Hathaway die in mysterious circumstances. This information will totally destroy Charlie's reputation.

When Charlie finds out about the dangerous Daring Dooz challenges, he is worried stiff that she might be killed and his secret will come out.

The Daring Dooz challenges include sailing across the Atlantic - the highlights of which include rescuing Aubrey when he falls overboard, and using him as a weapon to beat of a shark attack.

Daring Dooz Challenge Two involves Mrs Hathaway flying a World War II Catalina seaplane in an incident-packed trip to the Amazon, including MiG fighters and a time-warp.

Once she arrives at the village in the Amazon, she meets Hamish, the head man, who has been taught English by a Glaswegian fraudster and drunk, masquerading as a missionary.

Challenge Three is to tightrope walk across the 150-foot drop of a thunderous waterfall, videoed by Mick and Jim hanging from the cable in a hastily constructed box. The challenge is made more difficult as it is caiman mating season and sex-mad, 20-foot caimans are shooting over the falls' edge, as they film.

Challenge Four is the Black Pool - to locate it and dive into it's unexplored depths. However, the Black Pool turns out to be not what they expected.

On returning to the village, a small group of heavily armed bandits, with an interest in the Black Pool, have taken over. Mrs Hathaway escapes, but Mick and Jim are captured.

Giles Montagu-Scott hears of the problem and for the first time in his life does something courageous based on the dubious power of his international, bedsitter-based readership, the Daring Doozers.

Eventually, just as all seems lots, the bandits are defeated and suffer a well-deserved fate.

Finally on the flight home, some unbelievably strange things happen. Things that will make headline news around the world and change everybody's lives in ways that none of them could imaging in their wildest dreams.

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