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Blood Wizard Chronicles: Pariah

535 pages8 hours


In the aftermath of the brutal destruction of his village, a stranger, Xexial Bontain, appears, to rescue the young boy Ashyn Rune. Xexial can immediately see that there is something special about Ashyn. That he is unique. So the stranger offers to help this sole survivor . . . and more.
Soon Ashyn's very world, and everything he knows is shattered when an ancient struggle resurrects itself with calamitous force. In his darkest hour, hunted relentlessly, tormented by sorrow and loss, Xexial offers Ashyn an escape . . .
Become that which the world around him hates and fears. Become a master of the art of Destruction. Become a Wizard.
Now Ashyn must make a choice. Stay with his savior, and become the instrument of Destruction that can sate his need for vengeance, or turn away from Xexial and betray everything he has gained to save the one remaining person he loves. Knowing that should he choose to do so, he would once again be hunted. Except this time, it wouldn't just be Wild Elves that stalk him, but the very man who has become like a father to him.

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