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Saga of the Magic Coins: A sexy adventure in gender transformation

135 pages2 hours


BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR is a truism that was never truer than in the case of Jasper Kelly, one of society's young rejects who, on a lark, came into possession of three "magic coins" with three wishes attached through a pawn shop buddy. He plunked down 20 bucks on a whim and got more than he bargained for when an off-hand wish for a better life left him awakening the next morning as Jasmine -- a hot, sexy blonde with a dynamite body and a lust for life and lust that Jasper could never have dreamed of. Panic leads to a discovery of a world Jasper never contemplated as his new life as a girl draws a number of new adventures in this three-part, 36,000-word story that captures this strange new experience, its troubled and funny sides, drawing in family and friends as Jasper's brain learns to deal with Jasmine's body. Lessons in life, love and sex await our transformed hero/heroine in his/her exotic and erotic escapades – and a series of fortunate and unfortunate, serious and funny, but always unanticipated circumstances.

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