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Man On The Other End: Knight's Pack, #1

146 pages2 hours


Alfie Knight fixes computer problems. 
His latest client Russell Hopkins is a regular guard dog, all muscle and intimidation. His problem? A rouge piece of malware opened Russell’s computers up to invaders, leaving him thirty grand short and with a vicious need for revenge. To Alfie’s distress, Russell forces him to hunt down the people who ripped the intimidating man off. 
But Russell doesn’t want to stop there. 
Before Alfie knows it, he’s on a plane across the ocean with Russell to find these men in person. Russell’s got a bone to pick with them, and nothing is going to stop him. 
Russell’s pride as a hired killer won’t allow it. 
Alfie’s in over his head, but with no way to get away from Russell, he’s stuck on the ride of his life whether he likes it or not.

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