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DESPERATE MAN, DESPERATE TIMES: Drew McNeill was convicted of the double murder of his ex-wife and former law partner on a web of circumstantial evidence that pointed to him as the murderer. Awaiting sentencing, a jail break gave him his opportunity to escape. He kidnapped a state crime task force attorney, Kali Hammond, and held her captive at gunpoint taking her hostage on his getaway. Handcuffed, he took her to a mountain retreat where despite her anger and fear the unexpected happened – they found passion and love in an old hunting cabin. After releasing her, McNeill eluded searchers for weeks until he was able to reconnect with Kali. Their passion grew but her anger returned when Drew had to leave her to go on the run. Kali reviewed his trial and became convinced of his innocence and could find the evidence to prove his innocence in connection with an ongoing investigation she was embroiled in. A dramatic break in a case brought them together again after more than two years as a fugitive to make a last desperate attempt to prove his innocence and reverse his conviction. A double twist of a surprise outcome in this 32,000-word account leaves them both victims and perpetrators of this love held hostage that changed their lives forever.

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