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Valerian´s Company

62 pages58 minutes


A tale of dark deeds and ruthless justice.

In an age of kingdoms and city states constantly waging war upon each other, Valerian's Company is among the most notorious of the free companies. 

Every year the hardened warriors roam the lands of Westmark, fighting for one side or the other, but always for gold. They will fight for anyone who pays, but only if the other side doesn't pay more. 

After a season of warfare Captain Marco Valerian decides it is time for his men to leave the battlefields, to rest and lick their wounds through the winter. On their way back home he is about to learn that there are deeds that are darker than others, and that every choice you make comes with a price. 

And sometimes that price must be paid in blood.


Warning: contains graphic violence.

Valerian´s Company is a 68 page novella.

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