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CHRISTIAN ROMANCE (Book 1) : Embracing New Love (STANDALONE Short WESTERN Christian Fiction, FREE Christian Romance)

Length: 38 pages35 minutes


Experience a STUNNING christian romance story with a HAPPY ENDING!

1892. Nearly the start of a new century, and a new life for Rachel. Her father has moved her out west, after the death of her mother, so he can take on a job in a frontier town. Everything here is different. Rachel has to get used to so much, and it seems the Lord has handed her much, much more than she can handle by herself.

In town she meets a young man full of confidence and swagger. There is an attraction she can't deny...until she sees the gun he wears on his hip and realizes that Jake Landers is a man of violence. She finds it hard to reconcile that with what she knows of Christian life. Until she hears him speak, and finds the gentle soul behind his words.

Violence does follow him, hot on his heels, and Rachel finds herself swept up into the middle of it. God will protect them, she's sure of it.

She just doesn't know what path that protection will lead her to.

I hope you enjoy my first ever christian romance story!

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