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Not a Robbery

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Nobody knows who he is, but they know what he does. He will get into your home, your office, your place of work or leisure. He will bind you, he will gag you, and he will do the same with any other women who come into the place or are there already.

But his motive is not robbery, he will not steal your valuables, your jewels, your money. He has something else in mind he wishes to take from you, and he wants you to enjoy what he does, to take you over the edge without actually raping you...

These stories allow the women he has visited to share their experiences, to say what he did and how he left them, and leave you with one question.

What if he visited me...

Kev Pickering is best known for stories of women who find themselves in the hands of robbers, burglars and others - these tales take a very different path.

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