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The Jane Journals at Pemberley Prep: Liam Darcy, I Loathe You

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This brings me to another point. Why do all the guys around here call each other by their last names? It’s weird, right? I mean, it’s never “Hey, what’s up, Jack?” or “How’s it going, Sam?” Everything’s Elton this, Willoughby that. This makes it extra confusing when you get a couple of brothers who go by the same name. Like the Tilneys or the Kulkarnis. Whatever.

I’m just saying, it’s not like all of us girls go by Bennet. That would be complete chaos.

Lizzie’s family is big and crazy. Nila’s best friend just moved to England. Fiona’s good at school and nothing else. Alice and Vivian are two sisters who couldn’t be more opposite. And Catherine reads vampire novels. What do these six girls have in common?

They all attend Pemberley Prep, where their English teacher, Ms. Elliot, has just given them a year-long assignment to write down everything that happens to them—beach trips and boys to picking out ball gowns.

Quirky and cute, this is Jane Austen with a modern makeover. Set in a Northern California prep school, it’s a laugh-out-loud read that will reunite Austen’s fans with their favorite characters and send the younger set straight to the classics to find out what happens next!

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