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Witness Development Evangelism Workbook (Jesus-Style Conversational Evangelism)

Length: 200 pages1 hour


The Witness Development Evangelism Workbook equips Christians to be witnesses for Christ in a natural conversational style (also known as the Oral Inductive Method). You will learn how to share biblical truths in an enjoyable and engaging manner. Jesus used stories and questions to help people self-discover truths and this training closely replicates his style of evangelism.

This workbook provides background, how-to’s, and exercises to help you become an expert of biblical conversational evangelism. Your confidence in sharing God’s Word with others will be substantially higher as a result of completing this training. When you schedule a Witness Development Evangelism Workshop at your church, you and fellow participants will receive the tools you need to impact your community for Christ.

Key things you will learn:
* How to introduce yourself and open doors of communication.
* How to share biblical stories that hold attention and stick.
* How to lead the person to Christ and follow through with discipling.
* How to ask questions that expose prior misconceptions and help people self-discover truth.

About the Authors
Pastor David Witt, along with his wife Cindy, is the founder of Spirit of Martyrdom ministries. He has spoken for more than 2,500 churches and Christian ministries in the United States. He has traveled to more than 50 nations in his lifetime. David has preached in underground church meetings and has met with house church leaders around the world. His heart has been touched and his life changed by their love for others and forgiveness for their enemies, even when facing death. Pastor Witt desires to share their stories and see the global Church emboldened in the witness of their faith in Jesus Christ and His Word.

Cindy Witt enjoys working in the Ministry Relations department for Spirit of Martyrdom ministries. She expresses what a privilege it is to work alongside our brothers and sisters around the world who courageously share the hope in Jesus Christ at a great cost and sacrifice. She is honored to work with the Spirit of Martyrdom USA office staff and dedicated volunteers who faithfully work together as a team for our brothers and sisters globally.

Ron Kaufmann is the Director of Witness and Evangelism Development for Spirit of Martyrdom. He has traveled to Algeria, India, Senegal and Tunisia. He is married to Nadia, a beautiful Muslim background believer who is a partner with him in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. He oversees global biblical training and leads the Witness Development Workshops domestically and overseas.

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