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Baby Girl

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The young E.R resident with a huge responsibility. A party girl who desperately needs a job. Two people in totally different stages of their life. One baby girl who just needs love.

The last thing Sarah Mathers thought would happen just did. She’s lost her job, her apartment and her best friend and her credit card has just been declined. She has no choice but to take the first job she had offered; as an au pair to a newborn baby.
Dr Ben Lewis is an ER doctor whose wife just walked out on him and their baby daughter, to further her own career. Ben is drowning from lack of sleep and the weight of his broken heart.
Sarah seems like the perfect girl to care for his daughter; stable, religious and responsible, or so he thinks.
Sarah is faking her way through being an au pair, but she soon begins to find her groove, falling in love with the baby and soon with Ben. But she’s lied to him about who she is and the troubles she has and Ben seems so responsible, why would he want someone like her.
As Sarah begins to get under Ben’s skin, he can no longer fight their growing chemistry and soon he has to face his feelings for the women in his life; past and present.
How can he expect Sarah to take on him and his child?
While Sarah asks, would he still want her if he knew who she really was?

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