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Ghosts Of San Francisco (Tales Of Eclipse Volume 1)

170 pages2 hours


In the year 2185, reality is a terrifyingly ugly place. The only time teenage Rigs feels alive is when she's breaking heads as a member of Poseidon's Angels, feared San Francisco biker gang. Rigs has devoted her life to violence and getting ahead within the world's societal confines--add in the haunting of technological ghosts as digital astral projections capable of all-things including murder.
But when Rigs stumbles upon the group of friends who are willing players with their eyes on the ultimate prize, are they willing to kill any named targets by the clandestine corporation known only as The Company. The race is on, and if Rigs is going to survive, she'll have to confront the hand of evil pulling the strings of life and death.
Ghosts of San Francisco: Tales of Eclipse Vol.1 is the first in a promised series by McGhee and the recipient of the 2014 Poynter's Silver Medal in Science Fiction. McGhee's characters put you in the nightmare world of ghosts and raises possibilities beyond dark and disturbing.

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