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No Free Air

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When writer’s block dried his words to drivel, Tim liked to take long drives in the desert to clear his mind. He found Earl and Ed trapped in an automobile oasis in the middle of the desert. At first, Tim thinks they are harmless oddities, until Ed breaks out and heads for Los Angeles. Tim finds himself drafted to take Earl into Los Angeles to find Ed and return him to the desert before any serious damage can be done.
They are too late. Ed has rescued Candy and Mandy, Marilyn Monroe impersonators, and aroused the ire of their prospective enslaver, Homer, and pimp, Mr. Io. As conditions deteriorate, Tim is forced to ask for aid from his step-sister, Sandy, reawakening uncomfortable feelings long suppressed. They must come to terms with those feelings if they are going to survive the night and share a car.
Fortunately, Ed has a secret, a damned big secret. With huge tires ripping up the ground, and flames shooting from the twin stacks, Ed’s ‘Pride and Joy’ roars into the fray, crushing all opposition until they come up against the last brick wall. With the police closing in, there is only time for one try. Does ‘Pride and Joy’ have the strength to do it?
No Free Air is a screwball comedy of the Monster Truck variety. Besides the over-blown example of American pride, the story is filled with ridiculous characters, like the kind you meet every day, and unbelievable situations, just like in real life. Unlike most adventures in real life, 'No Free Air' has a happy ending when the ugly guys marry the gorgeous women and the step-brother and sister step closer, and the vehicles get new paint jobs.

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