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Scared to Beath (Zombie RiZing, #1)

Length: 60 pages35 minutes


Elizabeth is a survivor. Sure, everyone who made it through the first few weeks of the Zombie RiZing is a survivor, but she's a special case. She's holed up in her high school with her wheelchair-bound bestie and four of the most inept zombie fighters fate could inflict on her. Seriously, if the apocalypse was a martial art, these guys wouldn't even get to wear a white belt.

Even worse, their food supply is dwindling, and danger is closing in. The only answer lies outside, away from the safety of classrooms and up close and personal with countless zombies (grunts), rival students, and who knows what else. Worse still, the only protection they'll have is whatever objects they can find to swing, fling or throw--cricket bats, javelins, slingshots, and stones. You don't need to be a maths gun to realise the odds aren't good.

Elizabeth might be a survivor, but if she wants to stay that way she'll need to turn her troupe of talentless troopers into an elite fighting force...and fast.

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