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Legenda Maris

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The sea... restless, eerie, all-powerful and mysterious – occasionally she reveals her secrets.

Legenda Maris comprises eleven tales of the ocean and her denizens, including two that are original to this collection – ‘Leviathan’ and ‘Land’s End, The Edge of The Sea’ – which were among the last stories Tanith Lee wrote. In this treasure chest of tales, the author works her beguiling, linguistic sorcery to conjure mermaids who are as deadly as they are lovely, the hidden coves of lonely fishing villages harbouring mysteries, and fantastical ships that haunt the waves. She explores the relationship between the sea and the land, and the occasional meetings between those who dwell above and below the waters – meetings that are sometimes wondrous and sometimes fatal, often both.


Girls in Green Dresses

Magritte’s Secret Agent

Paper Boat

Lace-Maker, Blade-Taker, Grave-Breaker, Priest

Under Fog (The Wreckers)

The Sea Was In Her Eyes

Because Our Skins Are Finer


Where Does the Town Go At Night?

Xoanon, Land’s End, The Edge of the Sea

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