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Concise Guide to OTN optical transport networks

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OTN networks are terribly complex and they really stress the beginner. It is not just the alphabet soup, or the acronyms for every link or connection that confuses most, it is the prospect of containers, and multiplexing bit-rates and whatever. But it is not that difficult and in this book we will show you how you can come to terms with OTN at the level of knowledge that you might require. This book opens with a high level overview of OTN (OTH & G.709) its purpose, goals and layered architecture and that will be sufficient level of knowledge for the executive or project manager. In subsequent chapters it goes deeper into the signals within each of the operational layers and this will be of interest to those in technical discussions with optical system technicians and vendors (you can speak the same techie language). The later chapters dive deeper into OTN maintenance (alarms & indicators) and network monitoring which will aid support personnel in a NOC.

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