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None of Our Yesterdays

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This ebook collects two of my war-themed alternative history stories: The Peace Criminal and The Eye Patch Protocol. Both stories explore the great "what ifs" of Twentieth Century history, and will appeal to lovers of thought-provoking, character-based fiction.

The Peace Criminal recounts the tale of an exceptionally old and embittered soldier whose memories of the Great War and its aftermath differ radically from the events recorded in our history books. Surely he can't be believed? But if we do choose to believe him, what does that tell us about our longing for a better, or at least different, world?

If you've every wondered what would have happened if the Cold War had turned hot, or perhaps simply love the gleaming jet aircraft of the 1960s, then The Eye Patch Protocol is a story not to miss. Simply cover one eye, fire up the engines and hope for the best, while delivering the worst.

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