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One Tomb Short of a Graveyard: Alex Cheradon, #8

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There’s a fresh grave dug at the Fairfield Funeral Home and all it’s missing is a tombstone.

For months Alex Cheradon has been on the receiving end of a helping hand from Jonathon Bragan. But Bragan’s help has been nothing more than a careful manipulation of Alex. Bragan’s reaching the part of his plan where it’s time to make his true intentions known to Alex. Of course, when that happens, the price of Bragan’s help is going to come due as well.

Devon Christian is on the edge of sanity. The voices in his head get louder every day. At some point, he’s not going to be able to ignore those voices forever. And when he stops, there’s only one person at the top of his hit list.

And to top it off, there’s a Probability Engine loose in Clayton City. So the odds of everything going to Hell just increased dramatically. 

This is it. 

The big finale. 

Everything’s coming to a head.

—An Important Note—

This is the fifth book in what’s considered the second volume of Alex Cheradon. If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend you go back and start with Book 1, One Time Only, and work your way back to here.

I’m not kidding around. There’s huge spoilers for the entire series in the recap page alone. Seriously, this is not the book to start this series with.

One Time Only (Alex Cheradon #2.1)

Welcome to Crazytown (Alex Cheradon #2.2)

Odd Man Out (Alex Cheradon #2.3)
Full Moon, Half Wits (Alex Cheradon #2.4)

And if you’re really digging Alex, there’s the first volume which takes place prior to One Time Only:

Fruitbasket from Hell (Alex Cheradon #1.1)

A is for Amnesia, B is for Bullet (Alex Cheradon #1.2)

Little People, Big Crimes (Alex Cheradon #1.3)

All of these are available and I strongly encourage to check them out, if you haven't already.

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