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Fearless: Fearless, #1

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A passionless life is no life at all...
I know that I should be happy. I won the lottery at birth. Billionaire parents who are actually nice. Artistic talent that won me worldwide acclaim at the age of 11. Men have always pursued me, and not for my brains. I never wanted anything to do with them, but they always pursued me. 

I gave it all up. I started to feel like a hack. So now I'm doing anything to feel alive. Or numb the pain of living a life devoid of passion. Drinking, nude modeling, sleeping with random men - you name the poison, and I've gone down that path.

That's how I met Blake Nottingham. He's a handsome billionaire who's obsessed with me.

But he's not who I want.

Luke Roberts is who I want. He's the one who really makes me feel alive. He's an artist like me. One helluva one at that. But he suffers the same as most people in the arts - nobody knows about his talents. 

Perhaps I could turn Nottingham's obsession for me into something positive for Luke. I'll just use Nottingham until I get what I want - a successful show for Luke in the hottest gallery in the city. Nottingham can supply this platform, because Nottingham owns said gallery. 

What could possibly go wrong?

I'll soon find out. 

And it's not going to be pretty. 

This is a full-length, 65,000 word novel. Approximately 200 pages.

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