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Coeds: First Time with a Girl

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Emily and Vicky are best friends. The very, very best of friends since first week of freshman year. Late at night, one thing leads to another, and suddenly maybe they are more than just BFFs?

Emily had never kissed a girl before, so she had no comparison. She had thought, in an abstract way, that maybe she wouldn’t mind kissing a girl. She liked kissing guys, and most college aged guys thought covering themselves in scented body spray was the same as a shower. Girls were pillowy and took time on themselves. Pillowy... Vicky’s lips had been pillowy soft. And cherry. Emily loved cherries, and Vicky wore cherry lip gloss--

“Hey.” Vicky slid into her seat just as the professor was walking in.

“Cherries!” Emily squeaked.

A short story about the sensual first time experience between young adults.

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