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Boise Moon

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Rebecca Mason seems to be at the top of her profession. Over the years thousands of helpless adventurers got them selves into extreme situations causing Rebecca to pit her skill and daring against the ravages of mother nature. Such is the life of a mountain rescue pilot. All of this is balanced against the joys of a distant cry called motherhood.

Fly with her as she makes a difference to everyone she meets and tackles motherhood in a manner typical of her US Marine back ground. You will be right there in the cockpit when she pours out her strength and quick thinking, so that others may live. You will be proud of her and prouder yet to have known her and her family and everyone at the helicopter base who are devoted to keeping her safe.

Squeeze the start trigger on her D model Huey and see if you can figure out what she has to do before she does. She is waiting to fly with you.

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