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Sissy Priss Hissy Fit

40 pages30 minutes


Ever since he was a kid, Tyler Lanford's had a short fuse. From a little hellion with an appetite for destruction, he grew into a musclebound alpha douchebag, but his childish temper tantrums never stopped. When his charm doesn't work, he uses intimidation to get his way with the opposite sex. 

Then he meets Lanie Brown, a gorgeous, dominant young woman who gets her kicks bringing macho men to their knees

When Tyler goes home with Lanie after a mutual friend's birthday party, he's expecting a wild one-night stand. Instead, she surprises him by mocking his package and insisting he come back the next day wearing a dress, heels and makeup. Against his better judgment, he does as she says. He returns to showcase his hot new look and discovers that Lanie isn't alone; she's invited Chas and Chad, two hunky fratboys eager to treat Tyler like the sissy he's become!

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