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Gender Swap Trifecta

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Now, readers can get three sizzling gender swap shorts by Aurora Sparks for one low price!

In The Girl of his Dreams, an unassuming white-collar office worker has a chance encounter with abeautiful and mysterious woman from across the Atlantic. When he accepts her invitation to turn his dreams into reality, he suddenly finds himself an ocean away, living in Paris in a new, female body. With the help of a handsome, kinky Frenchman named Michel, will he be able to unravel the mystery of his (or should that be "her?") double identity

My Brand New Body tells the story of Julian St. John, who's an unrepentant horndog until he falls for Lucia, a classy, yet sexually adventurous girl who persuades him to put his player days behind him. When Jules gets caught having one last fling with an old friend, his fiancée tells him she won't speak to him till he learns what it's like to live life as a woman. Little does she know, a gorgeous city cop's about to slip Jules a pill that'll give him a brand new body.

In Gender-Bender Fender-Bender, young banker Larry LeMieux gets in a minor fender-bender with a mysterious woman who leaves without even taking down his number. He thinks he got off easy, but realizes she put a gender-bending hex on him when the office receptionist mistakes him for his BDSM-obsessed boss's new secretary!

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