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More Than (S)he Bargained For (Gender-Swap Humiliation Shorts, #1)

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"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a woman?" That's the question Ron Castor, a hunky traveling salesman peddling a cutting-edge gender swap pill, poses to tired white-collar worker Mickey Sloane one fateful evening. As it so happens, Mick was jerking off to fantasies of his feminization at the very moment he heard the knock on the door—not that he's about to admit it to some strange man in a throwback suit. 

Finally, Ron persuades Mickey to take the pill by proposing a deal: if it doesn't work as advertised, Mick won't have to pay a dime. If it works and transforms him into a woman, however, (s)he'll perform some minor sexual favors for him and his "friends.' Little does Mickey know that Ron's idea of "minor sexual favors" involves major erotic humiliation

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