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Discoveries in Bible Prophecy: Bible Prophecy Revealed, #1

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Revised for 2018.
This is a whole new interpretation of Bible prophecy that is prewrath, yet posttrib. It shows the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have already ridden out during the past 2,000 years of wars, famine, and persecution. The author does not merely make that assumption, he analyzes the text to show what the four horsemen are.

We are now in the period of the global birth pains of the earth, and the Trumpet judgments are next.

This book proves there will never be a world government ruled by a dictator, but there will be WW3. The author discovered missiles and rockets described in detail, even the warhead, which is called a "head that kills" with fire, smoke, and sulfur.

And contrary to popular teaching, America is in fact found in Bible prophecy, and is a major player, as you would expect.  

The visions of Daniel also have a new interpretation. The passage in Daniel 9:27 that is supposed to refer to a 7-year peace treaty is being grossly misinterpreted. The original Protestant view of that verse is the correct view.

Daniel's vision of the four beasts and the statue with ten toes both show that there will never be a world government. Those passages are not being correctly interpreted. The Bible text never says that the ten toes will rule the world, but only the fourth beast from which the horns come. Likewise, it never says the ten toes will rule the world, but actually says they will break apart.

The book also proves that the Jews must convert before Christ will return. Yes, it is plainly stated in the Bible several times! Which makes one wonder how the opposite view could become a popular doctrine.

Though this book was not written against the pretribulation Rapture, the correct interpretation of Bible prophecy does prove the pretribulation Rapture theory is false, which is seen repeatedly throughout the book. The author even found the smoking gun that kills the pretrib Rapture theory!

He even presents a new interpretation of the two witnesses, showing that Revelation points us to the Old Testament, and that the symbolic meaning of the two witnesses is Christianity, which is why they cannot be killed until they have finished their testimony, which represents the end of the Gospel Age. They will be killed in a global terrorist attack organized by the beast and false prophet.

This is Book One in a series of 4.

Michael D. Fortner analyzes the text of many Bible passages by examining the Hebrew or Greek, and consulting commentaries such as Barnes Notes on the Bible. He takes the view that the symbols of the Bible have a literal meaning that God wants us to understand, and sites the passage in Revelation 1 as proof that the symbols of Revelation have literal meaning.

* Proof that the beast comes to power with the 5th Trumpet

* The smoking gun that Kills the pretribulation Rapture

* The United States FOUND clearly several times

* Evidence the Great Tribulation could begin soon

* A new interpretation of Daniel's 4 beasts

* A new interpretation of Daniel's ten toes

* New discoveries about Daniel's 70th week

* Evidence that the Bride of Christ is not the entire Church

* Proof positive that the beast will NOT rule the entire planet

* Missiles and rockets described in detail, even the warhead

And MUCH more.

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