New Amazing Nightmare: Symmetry of Sins

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New Amazing Nightmare: Symmetry of Sins

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (1 rating)
Length: 712 pages10 hours


When people learned to use magical energies to create harmful afflictions – curses – others had to learn how to cure them. Amondire is one of the latter – a medic specializing in cleansing souls. Now, together with a small group he's working on a research project that could give an alternative to at least some of the destructive magical experiments carried out on humans in his country. Things get complicated when a member of the team is murdered just weeks before the night on which the project could be finalized. They have to ask help from an old friend, a prophetess named Asantra.

Looking into the future is forbidden almost everywhere, for it's said that it can only bring a tragedy. But as Asantra leaves the serene Sanctuary to come assist with the research project, bits of her suppressed visions begin to surface. And what she starts to see is a horrifying disaster already.

In the future seen by the prophets, Amondire becomes the Sinhail, a feared man who broke the biggest taboo and learned how to destroy immortal human souls. And Asantra becomes his first victim, the Half-gone, stuck between life and death, trapped by her own wounded soul.

The question is - is that future the reality, or merely visions of possibilities that can be changed and prevented?

The problem is - sometimes the nightmare of one man is the salvation of another.

In the face of an unimaginable crisis, where the only resource making magical medicine possible is about to run out, the lines between evil and necessary are becoming more blurred than ever.

The New Amazing Nightmare is a story about generally good people in a generally bad world.

And skeletons stuffed into closets with wacky doors...


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