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Not the End of Metaphoric Madnes

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Is googly a metaphor for surprises of all sorts? Can hat tricks turn contrarian to transform into a metaphor for successive defeats? Where do you use umpire and referee as metaphors? Are they really two different metaphors? As you sprint towards the finish line, as the start line becomes a mere blur in the circuit of life, on which metaphor should be your focus?
Why is your finish line only as good as your start line? How are these two metaphors connected? Is sprint a metaphor for any short and speedy spell of running? When are you likely to short circuit the circuit metaphor? Can stymie be a metaphor for frustrating your initiatives totally, stem and root? When does your food turn into a mulligan stew?
How did the common defence strategy of sandbagging turn into a biiliards metaphor? Marathon and steeplechase - which is a metaphor for endurance and which is a metaphor for perseverance? Is volley a metaphor for a hail of compliments? Should a salvo surprise and sear to be a metaphor? When do you turn gambit into a weasel metaphor?
Why should chequered be a metaphor for our basic life philosophy? Which pawn metaphor is extremely negative? When do you run the risk of stalemating the stalemate metaphor? When does stalemate on ground become a diplomatic checkmate?
All metaphoric googlies! Springing nasty surprises and visiting you unannounced! Do not get caught off guard!! With Not the End of Metaphoric Madness, you need not feel checkmated. This Book 4 is sure to help you out of your metaphoric dilemmas. It will aso assist you in upholding metaphoric propriety and ensure you do not commit a serious metaphoric faux pas.

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