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A Believer And His Appointed Teacher

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Supernatural Exploits and other divine provisions as enshrined in the scriptures; are the heritage of every believer. However, not all believers are living in this realm. And because of this, we often tend to question the authenticity of God's word which Apostle Peter by the Holy Spirit described as the sure word of prophecy. But every provision and prophecy of the scriptures has a part which a believer must play if it must be fulfilled. Which means that divine provisions are delivered based on our working knowledge of them; as we take covenant steps required to commit God to make good his promises. Knowledge is not just knowledge, for knowledge is in degrees, and the knowledge that is from above; is above all. And the end-time kingdom exploits and advancement is for those who have access to the knowledge that is from Above. In this life-changing, transformation-provoking and encounter-loaded book, Omeiza O. Jegede unveil one the channels through which God releases this highest form of knowledge which in turn empowers a believer to live in the realm of unquestionable triumph and exploits...A BELIEVER AND HIS APPOINTED TEACHER

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