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Angels And Predator

Length: 318 pages4 hours


Sunny Mathew struggles with the difficulties of life after his girlfriend Angela Thomson leaves him, only to come back into his life again. Meanwhile, a young lady, Maria, is being stalked relentlessly by someone. Several incidents of rape and murder have taken place one after another as women are discovered stabbed and left bleeding to death on the streets of Oakland, California, in the early hours of the morning. The Oakland Police Department is under pressure and the media is being hard on them. Captain Amy Jackson and Detective Mark Travis have a hard time trying to track the criminal down. The case is cracked wide open when a six-year-old girl, Eva Atkins, is raped and abused, and dies from her injuries. The child’s stepfather is a suspect, as is the skating instructor at her school. All of a sudden, the evidence points in a different direct on. This racy whodunit has everything: sex, lies and crimes.

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