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Once Upon a Dream

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved life...

When Ella Sonders meets Levin Wilshire—easygoing, gentlemanly, and affectionate—she's sure they have a bright future together. Their friends are envious, their families thrilled, and by the end of her junior year in college she has everything she thought she wanted: A glorious, giddy wedding, a two-week Fiji honeymoon, and her senior year ahead of her as Levin's wife.

Then Levin changes as soon as the honeymoon ends. His affection hardens into verbal abuse, and as the words become bloody bruises and Ella's friends, family, and options disappear, Levin's fist knocks Ella unconscious. And that's when she meets George for the first time.

In a place not far beyond reality, Ella meets her true Prince Charming...

George becomes the Knight in shining armor who leads Ella out of her darkness. Not knowing if George is just a figment of her subconscious or if she is truly going insane, Ella holds on to hope. Fortunately and unfortunately, Ella will meet George many times before one tragic night changes her life permanently and the memory of George – the man who has stolen her heart – vanishes forever.

And this, they say, is where the real story begins...

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