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Family, Friend, or Foe

Length: 472 pages7 hours


Humans blame a plague of natural disasters on climate change, but 16 year-old Khloe knows the truth.

As her ex-boyfriend goes crazy, Sidhe rebels threaten to overtake the Otherworld, pressuring Khloe to fulfill her role in an ancient prophecy. With the help of her family, friends, and a romance spanning lifetimes, she must unite the Otherworld, plus get through to humanity before the Lughnasa holiday. If Khloe is not successful, a domino effect will send all veils into total destruction. Her only chance lies in the most unlikely path – forgiveness.

Will Khloe be able to fulfill the role meant for her? Will she own her powers and harness them against forces and unknown elements to heal the world? Go beyond the veil to find out in the epic fantasy fiction, FAMILY, FRIEND, OR FOE.

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