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The Mortal Coil Shuffle

Length: 382 pages6 hours


"The modern world has chased the supernatural and mysterious to the brink of extinction. Loch Ness has been scanned from top to bottom with nary a monster in sight; Yetis have been turned into polar bears through the magic of genetics, and the Mothman has all but been dragged kicking and screaming into the flame of the forgotten. But there are some who still believe and are willing to risk their lives to rescue these myths and legends from obscurity. These are the men and women of Mysteries of the Paranormal."

The credo of Mysteries of the Paranormal makes videographer Norma-Jeanne Baker want to gag, but after being fired from National Geographic for a few, uh, unfortunate incidents, her employment opportunities are somewhat limited. Besides, the thrill of the hunt is the true reward. Well, that and the fame and fortune that would come with it. Paired with a pompous host straight out of her nightmares, she embarks on a journey that will make or break her career and sinks her neck-deep into chaos along the way. On an assignment to find proof of a zombie infestation in the depths of Louisiana, she comes face to smartphone with a group of murderous teenagers, loses her annoying co-host in the swamp, and gets a wicked concussion from being struck by what looked like a rampaging skunk ape—all in under five minutes. As Norma-Jeanne struggles to deal with the repercussions of the events she’s been thrown into, she finds herself going down a road that no sane person would travel, and it leads her to discover a world more bizarre than she could have ever imagined. It’s a world where cryptozoology is a contact sport, explosive decompression is king, and Bigfoots go to beauty school. Oh, and there's also the tiny matter of a cosmic struggle for dominance between man and the universe as we know it. But hey, that’s all in a day’s work for a Mysteries of the Paranormal girl. And if she manages to live through it, she’s going to get some killer overtime.

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