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Detective Marsh Mysteries: Triple # 2

Length: 564 pages8 hours


My Life is Over
Even The Score
Every Body Loses

Marsh and Grew search streets and back alleys
faced with the horrors of human trafficking.
A thirty year old case tugs at Marsh's heart.

"Evil men doing their evil deeds no woman is ever safe.
Fiction with dark truths." DLF Review

Detectives Marsh and Grew are under pressure to find out who and why military personnel are being assassinated on the streets of Chicago and why certain church members are protesting at their funerals. The investigation reveals facts that are extremely disturbing about the treatment of women in the United States military services.
"Shakes the core of what you believe about military service. It should make you angry and embarrassed." DLF Review
Marsh is sick of children roaming the streets with guns In contrast, he gets a case of murder among the super rich.
"Haunting story of frustration, fear and ignorance. Everyone has an excuse but never an answer."
DLF Review
"Marsh cuts through the madness and the lies."
Reviews by Edgar

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