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Group Purity Auction

Length: 26 pages22 minutes


Young, inexperienced college girl meets wealthy BDSM billionaires and sells one of her most intimate things to them!

Rachel is a pure, untouched college student working as a lowly waitress when her coworker tells her about a purity auction. Eager to shed her student loan woes, Rachel jumps at the chance to auction of her v-card to some complete stranger. She never expects to find not one, but five strangers to take her first time! These gentlemen are eager, ready, and willing to pay top dollar for the opportunity to be one of the first inside of Rachel.

Rachel has never been with a man how can she deal with five at once!? Read on to find out!

Warning: Age 18+ ONLY. This is a work of fiction. It is a 6,000 word erotic short story. All characters are consenting adults. This story contains adult content and is not for underage audiences.

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