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Lone Journeyman Book 1: Alligator Dances: Lone Journeyman, #1

Length: 214 pages3 hours


He goes by the “tall man” -names are not good when traveling outside the cities after the economic collapse of the USA. His dreams of a regular life have been destroyed as the econolypse unravels the world. He’s been watching society's slow burn, collecting his gear and guns. Now he’s searching for a place to survive. But he needs to get out of the powerless city before winter. Or, he's dead.

He’s looking for someplace warmer where he can grow food all year long and live without heating. Someplace he can be free. Maybe Mexico or even further south. But, he's got to hurry, as the city is going to be locked down. If he doesn't move fast, it will be certain death, due to lack of water, food, heat, and sanitation -and the wandering gangs with violence on their minds, not all of which are with the government.

It's a desperate journey for him, out alone, seeking a place that will hold the key to his long-term survival in a world where most everything as he knew it is gone.

Continued in Book 2: Storm Clouds, out now.

Book 3: New Lands out now.

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