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Crash Into You (Gay Older Man Romance)

Length: 72 pages58 minutes


Christ, but that had been so long ago. He had waited, and waited and… waited. That life he had dreamed of had never came, had passed him by as if he didn’t exist. Now all he had was his work. But Randy had a way of turning back the clock, making him feel as if those dreams weren’t quite dead yet. No matter how wonderful that feeling was, he knew in the end, the man would leave. The guy was a free spirit, and Frank feared not one for commitment. He knew this couldn’t last no matter how perfect it seemed.

Frank Banner has a great career, a nice home and good friends. But he feels as if the life he has always wanted has passed him by, leaving him to linger in misery.

A bartender with mad flair, Randy O’Neil prides himself on his reputation as 'one helluva lay'. But peel away all the fancy wrapping and what’s left on the inside is emptiness he doesn't know how to fill.

When Frank's friends take him to a gay bar for his forty-fifth birthday, he attempts to put on a good face, but can't help feeling like a miserable old man. At least until he bumps into a high school friend. Shocked by the little nerd turned hottie, Frank finds himself drawn to Randy despite knowing the man with a reputation for being a good lay would never be interested in marriage and kids.

But there’s more to Randy than bad-boy clothes and guy liner and Randy is determined to make Frank his forever.

Notice: This story contains content that is suitable for a mature audience only.

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